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CalGreen Code 2010

To view the current California Green Building Code visit the CalGreen website.


Green Building

At Mead Clark Lumber we want to help you learn and understand green building and the new guidelines that have been set forth by the cities in which you work and live. We have the products you need to meet those requirements and the information available to help you get through your projects.

What is green building?

Green Building is the use of construction practices and materials that protect people and the environment. Green buildings are designed in an integrated manner to respond to the local climate and conditions, to use environmental resources wisely, and to consider the long-term use of the building. Specifically, green buildings are designed, built and operated to deliver improved performance over conventional building practices in the following areas:

  1. Conservation of energy and water
  2. Use of materials in a resource efficient manner
  3. Maintenance of good indoor air quality
  4. Durability and ease of maintenance
  5. Integration with the site and region

If you want to build green, come in and talk with us. We will help you find the products you're looking for and to assist you in building green.

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